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Florida Home Builders opens private health exchange

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The Florida Home Builders Association is pleased to announce the launch of the FHBA Private Health Exchange, an online marketplace where members, employees and their eligible dependents, can shop and compare plans from multiple providers that compete for enrollment within the exchange. Decision support tools and live customer support will be available to help members and their employees determine their best course of action. Other specially priced plans such as dental, vision, long term care, and pet insurance are also be available for purchase on the exchange.

The FHBA Private Health Exchange is the latest benefit that will save members time and headaches when shopping for and managing health insurance. Open enrollment in the private exchange begins November 15, 2014. FHBA members can access the Private Health Exchange at:

Selected to administer the program is Florida based, Member Benefits which will work in strategic partnership with FHB Insurance to compliment the current member insurance programs and to better meet the life and health insurance needs of our members. Member Benefits is a full-service insurance third party administrator and private exchange technology provider specializing in the design, marketing, and administration of professional affinity group and association member benefit programs.

How it Works For Individuals

Members and their staff can shop and compare health plans online for themselves and their family. A unique interactive benefits advisor guides individuals through the buying process in which simple questions are asked and plans offering the “best fit” are suggested. The interactive decision support tool is designed to help members make more informed and personalized benefit decisions.

Member Benefits has licensed benefit counselors to assist members through the selection process and also help to estimate whether or not they qualify for a premium tax credit through the federal government. Afterwards, the individual is directed to the least costly source to purchase a health plan, either through the private exchange or possibly through the Federally Facilitated Exchange, if the individual qualifies for a government subsidy.

How it Works for Employer Groups

Enhancements are available that allow employers to create an account on the exchange, set a budget, and provide employees with a fixed amount of money (a “defined contribution”). Employees use the contribution to purchase the coverage and options of their choosing. If an employee chooses a plan or mix of benefits that costs more than the employer- defined contribution provided, they pay the difference.

The exchange technology guides employees through the selection process, using tools that give them greater visibility and control, which helps them weigh cost versus benefit, and select the plan that best suits their needs. This allows employers to set a predictable benefits budget and streamline administration.

Open enrollment begins Nov 15th.